Located amidst serene natural displays, Breathing Earth will pamper your soul with awe-inspiring memories that will last a lifetime. This resort is blessed with the magical combination of rejuvenation and fun. Enjoy our hospitality, enjoy the best of unadulterated nature, and embrace fun-filled activities. Breathing Earth is one of the top weekend resorts near Kolkata and not a single second spent here is devoid of fun. 

The deluxe rooms are packed with comfy furniture and artistic interiors that promises a luxurious stay. Want to get the best taste of undisturbed nature? A night stay at the mud huts will certainly fulfil all your fantasies surrounding nature. Breathing Earth is a pristine retreat located far away from the claustrophobic rush of the metro city.

 There is no end to the fun. The tranquil waters of the pool and host of adrenaline-pumping activities will provide the perfect respite from the mundane life. You can also enjoy the musical events held here and get the ultimate taste of freshly plucked fruits from the orchard. Bid adios to stress and embrace serenity by submerging your soul to nature’s best-kept secrets at Breathing Earth. This is one of the best resorts near Kolkata for a weekend trip with family and friends. The vibrant colours and peaceful ambience also makes Breathing Earth one of the most sought-after destinations when it comes to a corporate party. The natural brilliance also makes this resort tailor-made for hosting certain pre-wedding photoshoots. Your dream weekend is just a click away.


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An ideal weekend getaway very close to the city limits..Thoughtfully designed, not very tough on the pocket…Will delight you in every which way..Must must visit.. PS: You ‘ll die for the echorer kofta and the dhokar dalna…not to talk about the paturi..!!


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