Breathing Earth



Why Choose Breathing Earth for Your Corporate Outing?

Looking for a first-class venue blessed with cutting-edge technology that too in a desirable location? Are you looking for a calm and peaceful ambience to preside over your next corporate conference?

Breathing Earth is the place to be.

There is no denying the fact that a pertinent space is the all-important trump card when it comes to any corporate occasions. Be it an all-important business meeting or the annual corporate picnic, a lush green setting accompanied by modern amenities can account for boundless joy.

After stretching the grey cells for hours sitting in an office cubicle, everyone needs some spark of rejuvenation in life. A corporate outing amidst serenity not too far away from the city can be the best solution. This is where modern-day resorts such as Breathing Earth comes into the picture. The modern resorts comprise of a magical blend between state-of-the-art amenities and picturesque natural displays have become a potential darling for corporate outings. The mere concept of getting ideated amidst surreal natural elements is nothing less than a fascination. The greenery, natural warmth, fresh air, and a calm ambience are tailor-made for the birth of newfangled ideas and concepts.

Then there are conference rooms painted with artistic interiors and exquisite services. All of these make the modern-day resorts the ideal venue for hosting high-profile business meets and corporate outings.

Here are some top features which you should be looking at when booking a corporate venue:

• Location Matters: Connectivity and transportation are 2 of the most important things to consider. Choose resorts with good connectivity. Breathing Earth is not too far from the city but is quite far from the city rush. Added to that, Breathing Earth provides shuttle services from airport. Transportation is never a hassle when it comes to Breathing Earth.

• Facilities: Organising a corporate conference is not a difficult thing to accomplish if the venue has all the right amenities. Breathing Earth is packed with all the modern amenities key to a seamless brainstorming session. At Breathing Earth, there are 2 conference rooms packed with artistic interiors and state-of-the-art amenities such as the latest audio and video equipment. High-speed internet will also serve you well.

• Luxury Accommodation: Sometimes the guests attending the conference come from distant places and they may decide to stay back. This is where accommodation is so important. There are luxurious suits and also delightful mud huts, which promise a delightful stay amidst the beautiful nature.

There is more than just nature and luxurious stay, Breathing Earth offers more. From enjoying fruit drinks with legs dipped in the tranquil pool waters to lip-smacking cuisines, from a host of adrenaline-pumping activities to a village tour at Breathing Earth no moment is boring.

You can also enjoy several musical events and several festivals in a tremendous setting at Breathing Earth.

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Happy Outing!