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How Weekday Corporate Picnic Increases Productivity

All work and no play will make John a tried and frustrated employee. Most businesses understand the need to create a happy and positive working environment. Corporate picnics are a great way to boost productivity and build a community feel among all employees. It gives them a break from working and allows them to spend time with their colleagues outside the office.

Surveys have suggested that weekday corporate picnics help to increase productivity more, as compared to a weekend picnic. A corporate outing on the weekend eats up the only two days of rest they have, sometimes clashing with their other commitments. Weekend corporate picnics are much better because the employees can enjoy a fun day with their colleagues without compromising on their personal time.

Here are the key benefits of having a corporate picnic on a weekday.

Increases attendance

A movie outing, family get-togethers, or some quality ‘me-time’ – weekends hold a special place in our hearts. Most employees usually reserve these days for their personal commitments. This is why many employees are unwilling to attend a corporate picnic on a weekend. Some organisations force their employees to attend, which makes them have a negative attitude towards the picnic. If the picnic is organised on a weekday, employees are more willing to participate in the picnic and show a positive outlook towards the event.

Reduces costs

From the company’s perspective, this is the most important point to consider. Corporate picnics are usually organized at a luxury countryside resort outside the city. With lush green surroundings and modern amenities, these resorts are ideal for a day of fun and relaxation. Such resorts always charge high on a weekend, since they see maximum traffic during these two days. Hosting a weekday picnic helps lower the expenses by reducing venue charges.

Refreshes employees

The main goal of a corporate picnic is to refresh and rejuvenate their tired employees. It is a way of showing appreciation for the hard work that employees do all year round. The company picnic signifies one day where an organisation tells their employees to relax and not worry about pending tasks. It is a day for enjoying lush nature, beautiful surroundings, tranquil ambience, good food, and a host of adventure games and fun activities.

Team bonding activities

Corporate picnics are a great way to build a healthy relationship with your team members. Typically, the resorts where these outings are held offer a wide range of adventure activities. Kayaking, archery, rifle shooting, trampoline jumping, friendship ladder, rope course, zip lining, zorbing are just some of the activities that employees can engage in. Interacting with their colleagues in a free, informal environment helps them to get to know one another better. This type of team bonding helps to create stronger working relationships. Reinforces corporate spirit Many companies like to organize their annual employee outing on a special day, example, Company Foundation Day. By organizing something special on the occasion, employees also look forward to this day. It creates a sense of corporate pride. Now that we have established all the merits of a weekday corporate picnic, it is time to start looking at suitable venues. Breathing Earth is one of the best holiday resorts near Kolkata to have a corporate outing amidst lush green acres of land and complete serenity.