Breathing Earth

Professor Dumbledore had once famously said, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it”. But in real life, help is most needed when someone is not in a position to ask for it. In this COVID-19 situation, the nation is under lockdown. All of us have been asked to stay home. Shops and markets are all closed down. While this is a necessary measure to stop the virus from spreading, the sudden lockdown is also having some terrible impact on the lives of many daily wage labourers.

Breathing Earth resort, located 20 km from Joka, is one of the leading weekend resorts near Kolkata. Since the lockdown has been announced, the resort is closed down temporarily for business. But despite of this financial setback, the management has been taking active steps to stand in support of their local community.

When the government announced complete lockdown with hardly a few hours to spare, people all over the country scrambled to get their daily necessities. The upper-class and middle-class section of the society bought groceries and household supplies in hoard just because they could afford it. But in all this rush, not a thought was spared for those who are lesser-privileged.

The management at Breathing Earth lost their peace thinking about these daily-waged workers. Therefore, in the weeks since lockdown, the resort staff has been busy distributing free ration among the families in need. Daily wage labourers are suffering the worst in this crisis. Their livelihoods are gone and they have no resources left to feed their families. Breathing Earth staff puts their foot forward in delivering ration and essential commodities around their local community to ensure no one goes hungry over a missed meal.

The resort staff has been preparing food packets to be delivered among the poor families. They break up in teams and visit the nearby localities on a daily basis to ensure that the ration reaches those who need it most. Packets consisting of rice, dal, and potatoes are delivered to each family.

As one of the leading weekend resorts near Kolkata, Breathing Earth has always taken pride in its great hospitality. And at the end of the day, the hospitality industry is all about taking care of people’s need. Thus, in this hour of need, the management of the resort decided to lend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate. We hope this small gesture brings some cheer to their lives in these uncertain times.

Wish this crisis period ends soon and we must overcome it together. Till then, stay home and stay safe.