Breathing Earth

The COVID-19 pandemic has really disrupted the corporate culture. The country is under a 21-day lockdown period; and if the situation doesn’t improve soon, it may have to be extended again. Social distancing is the need of the hour, and working from home is the new normal now.

In the current circumstances, a company’s top management and HR managers must be having a tough time in planning any corporate team building events for their employees. But is also true that this is the time when employees of an organization need to be most in sync with each other to ensure high productivity. To ensure that all work is done seamlessly, team members need to be on the same page all the time. But how to achieve this cohesiveness when each member is sitting at their homes and not on the desk beside you?

Working from home is entirely a different league than working in office. Everything at a workplace, right from the furniture to the non-descript walls, is designed to make the employees concentrate and focus. Even the general noises like the sound of typing keyboardsor of the printer printing paper do not cause much of a distraction. But at home, one has to deal with their family, kids, TV noises, and the general hubbub.

Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings

Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline and great time management skills. One has to be really sincere towards their work. This is why communication is of utmost importance. Talking to yourmanager and peers multiple times over the day, just like you do in the office, helps an employee to stay focussed. Emails, conference calls and Skype meetings can go a long way in easing this process.Set up a routine of daily communication opportunities among team members and between teams and managers. This helps to everyone up-to-date.

Digital coffee breaks

Just because employees are not going to office does not mean the all the corporate team building events have to be stopped. If Skype meetings can be used for work, they can also be used to have coffee together. Or tea, if you prefer. Every day, set a time when the entire team comes online but does not speak about work. Treat this session like a virtual canteen, enjoying a hot beverage and speaking to your colleagues about inane things. It helps with the feelings of isolation and depression, while also taking off some stress about work. It is a great way to hang-out while socially distancing.

Plan a corporate retreat

One thing to remember: the lockdown is temporary. The situation will improve soon and then, you can all go back to your offices and resume normal life. Once all this ends, how about you plan a team outing at Breathing Earth,one of the best corporate picnic spots near Kolkata. Located 20 km from Joka, this resort is nestled in the lap of serenity. Surrounded by vast open grounds of unadulterated nature, it is the ideal setting for spending a fun-filled day with your colleagues. There is an abundance of open space where employees can participate incorporate team building events like a friendly game of cricket or badminton. There are also a plethora of adventure activities including kayaking, zip-lining, archery, rifle shooting, zorbing and more.

But till the lockdown is in place, we are all stuck at our homes. So to help you survive this, here are a few tips for working from home.

  •  Set up your own designated workspace at home. It should ideally be away from your bed so you’re not tempted to lie down.
  • Keep a set routine. Start your work for the day when your usual office hours starts. Also ensure you stop working when after the office hours done. This is vital to keep a healthy work-life balance.
  • Stay in the loop. Make good use of technology to stay connected with your colleagues all times of the day.

In conclusion, communication is the key. With virtual meetings and digital coffee breaks, work from home can be a seamless experience for everyone.