Breathing Earth


Hygiene measures being taken to ensure Safety of all guests

We are now entering the phase of Unlock 1.0 where the world is slowly opening up again. Offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and resorts have resumed their services once again. But of course, thisreturn to normal comes with a lot many new changes. At Breathing Earth, we are complying by a strict protocol of hygiene measures to ensure complete safety of our premises.

Staying home has been a challenge for many of us. While we have been undeniably blessed to have a roof over our heads in these trying times, it has also brought upon our feelings of anxiety and cabin fever. With the lockdown restrictions now being eased off, many people have started dreaming about their next travel plans. But the world is still fighting a pandemic. And we need to be cautious of our actions now more than ever.

For those who want a relaxed getaway outside the city, going anywhere far is out of the equation. But why should that stop you from enjoying a lovely weekend amidst nature? Breathing Earth is located just 25 km from Joka, making it easy to travel for families who have a personal vehicle. And being enclosed by raw unadulterated nature on all sides, this resort gives a peaceful break from the chaos of the city.

But in this post-COVID world, you can truly feel relaxed when you know there is no fear of infection in your surroundings. And this is why Breathing Earth is taking all the mandatory health and hygiene precautions to maintain the safety of their guests and staff.


All the staff and security personnel must be wearing face masks and hand gloves at all times within the premises. Hand sanitizers must be available at in each room and at every point in the resort. Cleaning of all the rooms and entire property should be done at twice in a day with a disinfectant cleaner. . All touch points (like door knobs, switches, door handles, safety latches and taps etc.) must be cleaned frequently with a disinfectant spray.

Guests check-in

All vehicles which enter the resort will be washed on arrival. While checking-in, thermal scans will be done. Only those with body temperature of 98.3 Fahrenheit or below will be allowed to check-in to a room. The reception area should have markings on the floor at every 2 meters distance to ensure social distancing.


The rooms at Breathing Earth are builtwith a lot of space in between, ensuring social distancing. The resort will also be working at half occupancy to avoid large number of guests at a same time. Bedsheets and pillow cases must be changed every day in a room. Hand sanitizer must be provided in each room. When staff comes to clean the room, guests should step outside. Protective gear is a must for all cleaning staff.

Food Service

Only trained staff will be allowed to work in the kitchen. All kitchen staff will be wearing disposable gloves while handling any food or utensils. Buffet service will be not be available for guests. The seating arrangement of the restaurant will be re-arranged to maintain social distancing among guests. Only trained professionals will be allowed to serve food. No physical contact shall be made with guests while serving food. Guests are encouraged to call for room service. At BreathingEarth, we value the comfort of our guests above all. Entire staff has been trained in the norms of social distancing to ensure safety.We look forward to serving you once again!